From 2018 to 2023, the company implements sustainable development strategy:

• Improve production capacity and equipment synchronization according to HACCP, BRC, ISO, HALAL standards to expand factories in Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Thap and other potential areas.
• Focus on investing in the company’s farms and agro-farms that meet VietGAP, GlobalGAP, etc. standards, ensure the traceability.
• Promote effectively food supply chains, taking the initiative in raw materials for production, contribute to the development of the food industry, be in line with the sectoral planning, ensure business efficiency.
• Develop the distribution channels, especially invest in the retail expansion. Complete the identification system of the exclusive fast food chain of HHF which is branded
• Always restructure, use rationally and effectively resources of capital, technology and infrastructure.
• Focus on improving production process from handwork to semi-automatic and automatic, priority using the high- skill labor according to the development of society
• Developing the new markets through create the packaging for traditional markets and expanding the domestic market.
• Strengthen trade promotion programs with foreign partners to boost exports and increase foreign exchange earnings.

With young and energetic members, we are committed to providing you with health solutions to enhance your life’s worth, as shown by our slogan “Your health is our value”. With this motto we aim to the product line as follows:

• Food is the foundation value.
• Agricultural products is the sustainable value.
• Fast food is the future value.


By 2023, Hung Hau Foods will become the largest manufacturers, processors and distributors of food products in the country with a diversified product line that fully meets the standards of food hygiene and safety, as well as have great influence in the area. HHF will complete the system from farming areas to processing companies and distributors, take the lead in the field of safe food.

Exploit resources of capital, technologies and experiences from all economic sectors domestically and internationally in the form of cooperation, joint ventures in order to develop comprehensively and build a closed food chain from selecting raw materials to processing and providing high quality, traceable and safe food.

Hung Hau Foods connects to the community, customers and partners with its prestige and the food quality that brings abundant energy source. The company takes the benefit of consumers as a guideline to create the core values, mission and motto for each product named Hung Hau Food throughout the development.