Food is an essential need of everyone, with the commitment: “Your health is our value”, our company will bring to the domestic and international consumers the food products that are Safety – High quality – Suitable for all ages

 The groups of food products that our company specializes in producing and supplying to domestic market and export such as:

          Foodstuff products: fresh noodles, dried noodles, pasta, vermicelli, prawn cracker, especially contain high nutritional value such as grape seaweed, lotus seeds, black sesame, which is very good for health and enhance the taste of the dishes.

          Frozen or fresh cooled vegetable products preserved and packed according to customer requirements: chili, sweet potato, taro, okra, baby corn, lotus seeds, etc.

          Specialty fruits from regions such as orange, papaya, pomelo, dragon fruit, etc. are preserved cool or canned, along with high value processed fruit such as fruit spring roll, tempura vegetables, dried fruit, fried fruit and pure fruit ice cream.

          Processed fruit and vegetable snacks such as: potato snack, mixed vegetable snack; fresh bread with main ingredients made from wheat flour, cereal and seafood.

          Raw materials for cooking: flour, potato starch, onion powder, chili powder, dried vegetables.

 OHAO fast food chain used modern fast food model with its main product is Wrap with Shrimp patty, Fish patty, Beef patty, Chicken grill and goes with fresh vegetables, allowing customers to choose freely.